Lubov Uspenskaya: Biography

Lubov Uspenskaya was born on 24th of February 1954 in the family of Kiev home appliance factory. Sha has graduated music school and Glier Kiev music scpecialized school. The she worked in Kiev, where recorded with Grigory Balber, the author of "The hemline" song and album.


She moved to Erevan when she was 17 and started work as a singer. In 1978 Lubov emigrated from USSR. She lived in Italy for about a year and then moved to USA. Almost right away from arrival to States she was invited to work as a singer in russian restaraunt "Sadko". She lived on Brighton Beach. In 1985 Lubov has recorded her first album "The dear one", which brought her success both in USA and USSR.

From 1993 Lubov started touring in Russia. She gave shows in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities and took part in radio and TV shows.

When Lubov first arrived in New York airport, she was ready for any work. But it turned that many of people who liked her shows in Armenia and North Caucasus remembered her and was glad to invite her to sing in Russian restaurants. Already on the next day she perfomed in New York's "Sadko" restaraunt which was full of people.  It was 1978. Very soon her popularity gained so much, that people not only from New York, but even form another states came to hear Lubov Uspenskaya. And then Luba toured in France, Italy, Austria and Russia.